Woman Dies Smith Machine Squat Reddit – ( march 2022 ) formation About The Gym Accident

This article shows a video of an unfortunate squat injury that caused a woman to die in a fitness center.

Do you feel sad about a viral exercise video that went wrong, resulting in a tragic accident. This article will discuss the unfortunate circumstances that led to the video’s viral success.

After seeing the video, people in Canada , United States and Australia are stunned that so many people started going to the fitness center to get fit.

It was both disturbing and heartbreaking for viewers. You can read more about Women Dies Smith Machine Squat Reddit.

Information About The Gym Accident

A workout video was viralized on February 20, 2022. It has a duration of less than one minute and features a woman lifting weights and collapsing in the process.

The video was captured at a Mexican fitness center. Here, a young mother tried to perform squats while lifting heavy weights on her Smith machine. The woman didn’t lift enough weight to survive.

Redditt user added the video. The video shows a woman lifting 180kg. Learn more about Smith Machine Squat.

About Redditt Viral Video

  • Redditt user posted a clip with the title “A woman attempts to lift 180kg.”
  • The video was posted on 23 February 2022. It was only 58 second long.
  • The video went viral on 12/03/2022 and was shared by various social media sites.
  • The accident was seen by millions, and Redditt users were overwhelmed with comments.
  • The video also shows people helping her to console her worried daughter.

Woman Dies Smith Machine Squat Reddit

  • The viral video is of a woman lifting 180kgs, or 405 pounds.
  • The mother and her young daughter came to the gym together. She sat on the bench, weighing 180kg.
  • The woman tried to lift weight but could not keep it off. The deadweight landed on her neck within a few seconds.
  • This accident video clearly shows that this woman was not experienced enough to lift such weights.

Viral Video : The Woman in Viral Video

  • She is a young mom and her daughter is also in the viral clip. Read Woman Dies Smith Machine Squat Reddit
  • According to several reports, this incident happened at a Mexican gym.
  • The viral video shows a woman coming to the gym along with her daughter. They have a few conversations and then she lifts weight.
  • Her rescue attempts were unsuccessful.


It is frightening to think about the squat incident that occurred in a Mexican gym. It is imperative that you are well-informed and have professional guidance to ensure your safety.


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