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You can find detailed information about Vitaly Gerassimov Russian Army as well as the most recent news regarding his death and confirmations from different sources.

Gerasimov was involved in the Second Chechen War. Gerasimov graduated 2007 from the Combined Arms Academy of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. He served between 1995 and 2022 in the Russian Ground Forces.

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Vitalii Petrovich Gerasimov is also called Vitaly Gerasimov. He was born on 9 July 1977. Gerasimov was first deputy commandant for the 41st Combined Arms Army Army, and then as chief of staff.

Gerasimov death:

Ukraine’s Ministry of Defence has announced that Gerasimov was murdered while fighting in Kharkiv (eastern Ukraine). On the 8th of March 2022, the Ukrainian defence ministry released a recording from a phone conversation between two Russian Federal Security Service officers (FBS). This conversation was about Gerasimov’s passing.

Communication concerning the death Vitaly Grasimov Russian Army

Russia faced logistical challenges and its military encryption system was not functioning properly. Communication between FBS officers occurred over an unsecure network on a regular SIM phone. The Ukrainian military was able quickly to access the conversation between Russian troops.

One of the FBS staff asked the other if he would be able to use the Era secure system. This expensive crypto-phone technology was introduced in 2021. Dmitry Shevchenko was the boss and he told the officer that it wasn’t working.


The news of the death Vitaly gerasimov Russian Army broke just as Ukraine was showing resistance. Volodymyrzey maintained people’s confidence by telecasting videos that he was in Ukraine. He said that he would fight to the end.

If Gerasimov’s demise is confirmed, he would become the second general from 41st Combined Arms Army to die within a week. He was confirmed as the death of Major General Andrei Sukhovetsky. Sukhovetsky was the deputy commander of 41st Combined Arms Army.

Confirmation source:

It should be noted that the Russian defense minister did not officially confirm the death Vitaly Grasimov Russian Army. CNN also reported that Gerasimov’s suicide was not confirmed independently by US officials. Only Ukraine claimed that it confirmed the death with a Russian Source.


Gerasimov has a wealth of experience in the armed force. Gerasimov started his career as a soldier in the Russian army in 1995. After being promoted to colonel, Gerasimov was promoted to commander in October 2013. In 2016, he was appointed 41st Combined Arms Army commander. Gerasimov’s untimely death is considered a grave loss for the Russian army.


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